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Tips2Bet focuses highly on long-term betting. Our aim is to succeed in the long-term. Therefore, we have optimized our strategies & the whole Tips2Bet service to succeed in the long-term.

Individualized Stacking Tips

We supply you with all the informations you need, including of how much you need to place on a bet!

Successful Betting Strategy

We place on all bets single, placing 1% of our capital at max. Our experts have managed a bank-roll growth of +$23'490 in the last season.

Lots of Rewards

Start by watching a video on the main screen to receive rewards. Plenty of free expert-predictions await you!

Pre-match Betting Tips

You can expect lots of pre-match tips! Our tipsters are experts in over 30 competitions worldwide.

Combination Tips

There will be plenty of combination tips, too! We try to deliver out the best matching tips in 1 combination.

Live Betting Tips

Our tipsters are not only familiar with pre-match betting. No, they truly are experts in live betting!

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Who we are

There are a few words describing our young team perfectly.

Made in Switzerland

Our company is based in Switzerland. Our team and all our values are conform with Swiss standards.

Experience & Knowledge

Despite the young age of our core team, we combine a total betting experience of over 20 years.

Continuity & Seriousity

Your Satisfaction & Success is our Satisfaction & Success. You can await a service with a high motivated team without any days of break. Tips2Bet is always here for you.

WHY TIPS2BET is better?

Lots of Free Tips

Besides the bunch of daily free Tips, you even can unlock more of them by simply collecting the rewards from the button right top of the app-screen!

Over 30 Competitions Tracked

Our experts track over 30 competitions worldwide. There is almost always something going on.

Transparency & Proof

You always will be able to keep track of our bets. Visit the History-Page in our app to check our performance!

Individualized Staking Advices

As mentioned above: By simply typing in your real betting balance in our settings, our app will convert our advices into individualized advices according to your betting.

Profitable long-term Betting Strategy

We have averaged a return on investment of +430% in the season 2018/19. This means we have multiplied our initial investment by 5.3x.

All kind of Bets played

Our service contains all kinds of bets. Whether it is pre-match-, live- or combination-betting, Tips2Bet has them all!

Various Betting Selections played

You like Asian-Betting? Or maybe Corners, Goals or normal Correct Score Betting? Just check our app already!

On-time Delivery

Our tipsters are working 7 days a week. Since we have managed to combine our passion with our work, we do it with a motivation that goes beyond the imaginable. We start working days before the match day!
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Packages for every goal

Pick a package that suits you best.

Every package includes up to 2 devices

Frequently asked questions

We keep updating our FAQ section. If you have any additional question, please contact support.

How many tipsters does tips2bet have?

We have currently working 2 tipsters full-time and 1 part-time.

How many predictions will I receive?

Depending on what package you use, there will be different amount of analyzes. But at Tips2Bet there is nothing like too less.

In what sections are you most successful?

Our strengths lie for sure withing the live-betting. But of course we perform also over-average in all sections we offer.

Are your strategies well-researched?

Our success and strategy are the results of 5 years of great team-work. Our core team has been performing profitable for now over 5 years!

What betting sections are played?

Our experts track the following markets: 1X2-, Goals-, Corners- Asian-, Half time and Correct Score-Markets.

How does your strategy work?

It is basically very simple: We place at max. 1% of our bank-roll (= betting capital) per bet & always on single-match bets. As in everything else, a good strategy is an optimal mix of return and risk. In our case, we cut out as much risk as possible by setting our max. bet size to 1%. Theoretically, you would have to lose 100 times in a row to lose your total betting capital. Our experts have never had a losing streak of more than 8 bets. WE STRONGLY ADVICE TO SET UP THE MAX. STAKING SIZE IN YOUR SETTINGS TO 1%!

How can I be successful?

Our researches show that many people start gambling with big amount of money in a short time. We know it is really attractive wanting to win big amounts as fast as possible. But come on, have you ever heard of becoming good in something without any efforts? Of course, we give you nearly all you need, but the most important thing is self-discipline and patience. Do NOT get attracted by big amounts. Start slow and small. Just keep in mind that, with $1, you can make $2, with $2 you can make $4, with $4 you can make $8. As you see it will go faster the higher we climb and the more we win.

How do you choose a bookmaker?

These points must be considered by finding a good bookmaker:
- Legal Issues: Is the bookmaker allowed in your region?
- User Friendliness: The website of the book maker should be user-friendly. In betting, seconds can matter. You want to find, for what you look for in the fastest way possible.
- Customer Support: A good book maker with a good customer base must have a good customer support. This is a good point to watch on in deciding your bookmaker.
- Big Sortiment: Ideally, your bookmaker has all competitions we track and even offers all the different betting sections like Asians, Corners, Half time and soon.
- Odds: The odds can be seen like the prices for what the bookmaker would make the deal. The higher the better, of course!
- Fast Cash-outs/Deposits: As a bettor, you want to receive and send your money in the fastest and safest way. Check the deposit/withdrawal section of your bookmaker and try cashing out a small amount before you start betting with bigger money.

What payment methods do you have?

We accept the following providers: Credit cards, In-App Purchases and Paypal. Soon, there should be available Neteller and Skrill too.

Do push notifications also work in the web-app?

Push-notifications do currently not work in the web-app

How can I cancel my package?

You can cancel your subsription anytime in the settings or your store.
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They are talking about us

You are the betting wonder sir. I hit 40 out of 44 bets. All tips from you. Made +$1k in 3 days
Nico B.
Reliable & always motivated to share your insights and knowledge. It's been going only up since I met you
Most trustful betting tips
Mario A
Finding you was hard. I have lost alot with other tipsters. Now I am getting the first wins
I love you! Thank you for the last 2 months.
Saied K.
Receiving the best tips here. First bets I win with tipsters
Marco M
Hey tips2bet team. Thanks alot for this weekend. Here is my accu I won with your tips (Total Odd: 13.65)
Thanks a lot for your bets. I have been following now for a while and you really making profit. Check PM
Nothing left to convince me anymore. God bless you sir. Will join you for 100% after the corone.
Terry M


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