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  1. Read the introduction
  2. Understand the basics of betting
  3. Get used to betting short-cuts & their definitions
  4. Choose an accessible, user-friendly bookmaker
  5. Start testing yourself
  6. Deposit a small amount & test yourself with real money (do NOT forget to benefit from the Bonuses!)
  7. Use our free betting tips
  8. Start following our full betting service
  9. Keep track of your performance. Always!
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1. Introduction

The world of betting is a world of it‘s own. The basics are not really hard to understand. But in order to become successful it needs experience, knowledge and researches. Small margins in your performance can result in big longterm betting success. That‘s one of the reasons why it is hard to succeed (though not impossible). Another reason is a well-known fact that betting can make people play irresponsible over time. Humans tend on taking high risks to receive maximum returns in the shortest time possible. Betting is all about risk management, patience, strategy & self-discipline. As we could prove with our current researches, many people fail to succeed because of their introduction to betting. Many newbies do not understand the concept and all the betting sections offered by the bookmakers (= „person or company who accepts and pays off bets“). Small losses in the beginning can result in bigger losses in a short period. These small losses end up in wanting to get back the losses in the fastest way possible. This is why a good introduction is really important. Doesn‘t matter if you might not be even a newbie, going shortly through the next passages can make you save big amount of time spending into online betting researches.

2. Understanding the basics of betting

Although Tips2Bet provides you with all the informations you need for long-term success in betting, you still have to understand the basics. So let‘s start in the very basics:The principe is simple: You bet against the bookmaker. If you bet on the correct outcome, you win, if not, your opponent, the bookmaker, wins. Doesn‘t matter on what outcome you bet, the bookmaker automatically accepts the bet on the opposite outcome.
Just keep in mind your opponent is a world-class player which tries to predict the outcomes of future events (in this case football games) by analyzing the past. All these informations the bookmaker gathers result in an odd which is calculated by them. On every outcome they calculate an odd which you can place your bet on.Now depending on how high the odd is, you can make various betting returns.
Higher odds go in with higher risks, but the win potential is also higher. Your possible win is calculated like this:(YOUR STAKE) * (BOOKMAKER‘S ODD) = YOUR POSSIBLE WINSo let‘s pretend Real Madrid plays against Barcelona. We think there could be plenty of goals in this game. So we plan on betting on „over 2.5 goals“. So this means we bet on the outcomes that there will be 3 or more goals. As soon as we place the bet, some bookmaker‘s offer an „early cash-out function“ which gives you the opportunity to step back from your bet and to receive your remaining stake which height is depending on different factors. If the option is not used, after the first 90 minutes the bet is decided and you receive your returns:- By win:(YOUR STAKE) * (BOOKMAKER‘S ODD) = YOUR POSSIBLE RETURN- By lose:- (YOUR STAKE) = YOUR POSSIBLE RETURNThe betting sections we use the most are: 1x2, Goals, Corners, Asians, Halftime, Correct Score and Specials.Besides these sections we use different betting types. For example there are bets you can place while a game is played live or you can combine different predictions into 1 big bet (= called combination, accumulator or parlay).
You can make combinations with up to 14 games at some bookmakers. The math behind the combinations is this (the following is pretend to be a combination out of 3 games):(ODD1) * (ODD2) * (ODD3) * (YOUR STAKE) = POSSIBLE RETURNNow you need to hit all 3 outcomes on which odds you bet on to win your combo sheet and the possible win. We, at Tips2Bet, do usually not bet combined since the risks are just too high. Our application is perfectly built up to increase the returns in single-game betting (= betting on maximum 1 outcome per bet).

3. Get used to betting short-cuts & definitions

A part of the basics is getting to know the definitions of the different betting sections. For example, you get the betting prediction „2 & BT TS“. In betting, seconds can matter. So it is necessary to be quick (especially in live-betting). Bookmakers usually write out the betting section names, as so we do. But a few short-cuts are still used to save some space. Please check especially the definitions of „Asian Handicap“ sections. We focus ourselves on the Asians, since the bookmaker gives you the opportunity to regulate the risk level. Remember small differences can result in big long-term winnings!

4. Choose an accessible bookmaker which is allowed in your region

Picking out your opponent is one of the golden rules! It‘s easier to win the game if you play against a bookmaker which plays as fair as possible. Bookmaker tend to have bad reputation but speaking out of experience, we can say that the supply in good betting companies is increasing very rapidly. In today‘s online world of betting, the bookmakers are way more seriousa and reliable.So how do you identify a good bookmaker?There are 2 ways:1) You simply use one of bookmakers we recommend... Or you. . .2) . . .check out the following factors:- User friendliness:User friendliness and the website speed is a key factor if you look for good betting experience and performance. For example, if you follow our live betting tips, you should be able to find the betting sections quickly. A golden tip: Use the search function of your bookmaker‘s website to search for the home team and get used to it, so you can optimize the searching time.- Odds:As you have read above, it is not hard to figure out that you will prefer higher odds. As the competition between the bookmakers got more deepened, as the odd differences got smaller. So do not take this factor too important. Many bookmakers do follow different strategies in calculation of the odds, but at the end they usually even themselves by setting the odds sometimes higher than the competition and sometimes lower.- Sortiment:The bookmaker should cover and offer all the betting sections you think you will need. Using different bookmakers at the same time could help alot!- Fast Deposits/Cash-Outs:It is not one of the most important things but a bettor wants his money transferred fast (in either way). This is a point many bookmakers lack in efficiency (although nearly most of them pay out, sooner or later).- Bonuses:In today‘s online betting, online bookmakers use different type of methods to gain new customers. One of these are offering a welcome bonuses on the first deposit. You usually receive a bonus between 30% and 100%. So this means if the bonus is 100% and you deposit $200, your balance will be $400. But watch out: Bookmakers have different type of rules. They do not pay you out the bonus immediately. You usually have to play with that money first.

5. Test yourself!

Tracking your performance is a key factor! You will be betting on different outcomes daily. So keeping the overview and tracking your strengths and weaknesses is necessary. You will be able to track our bets easily in our History section. If you have your own bets, start tracking them in an Excel sheet. This will help you identify the dos and the don‘ts!

6. Deposit a small account & make a test run

After you feel like you understood everything and prepared yourself, you can deposit and start a test run with a defined amount. Keep in mind: It should be an amount which you can easily afford to lose! And again: Keep track of it! It will really make you save alot of money and time.

7. Watch ads to receive free (live) betting tips

Our innovative application gives our users the opportunity to test us by simply watching an ad. Start right away by clicking the button at the right top of your screen!

8. Start following our betting advices

After getting used to us & after letting us verify our skills, try out our full service. We offer different type of packages you can choose from. Just please remember that we do not guarantee success with all betting packages in longterm. Scientifically we could prove that is not possible to make positive returns with combinations with too many games in it. What we can guarantee though, based on our historical track, is long-term success if you follow strictly our betting tips by placing only on single outcomes and with a maximum stake size of 1% per bet!If you like to take on the risk, you can change the staking size in your settings (choosable: from 1% up to 5%). Our smart application will convert our staking recommendations into the stake you should/could place. Just don‘t miscalculate: By choosing 5%, you only have 20 possible bets you can make. We NEVER have lost more than 7 bets in a row (over all odds). But just think of losing 10 times in a row which would make a huge 50% of your total capital! This is a huge loss.

9. Track your performance

To make sure, you understand how important tracking is, we repeat us again, to track your bets! You need to make sure, you know your strengths and weaknesses. It doesn‘t help you if you feel like you are good in one of the sections, although you made huge losses there. We currently are working on bringing up a performance tracking function, so it makes it easier for everyone to keep track of their bets

10. Support Tips2Bet!

As a last thing, we want to ask you to support us on our Social Medias. Our young, engaged team works hard on getting you lots of entertainment & success! A small subscribe-button-push or a feedback in the app store would push our motivation even beyond the limits! =)Research, test and then start with responsibility, patience and passion for the ultimate success, you can achieve, in something you never imagined it was possible before. Just keep your goals in front your eyes and do not lose track of it.


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